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Apply N2 Gaseous diaphragm main application is with special working environment. Afraid that it might contaminate piping, facilities & fluid corrosiveness. Suitable for used in LCD facilities, dust-proof semi-conductor line facilities, biochemical technology facilities, etc and can maintain high-tech cleanliness.

Liquid material is fluoride resin, good pharmaceutical character.
Usable with hydrofluoric acid, strong acid, alkali.
Casing were made of resin.
Vapor pass through a way for particular dual structure possesses corrosiveness.
Seal up way for dual seal up structure.
Cannot contaminate the whole set-up if nitrogen leakage & capsule damaged.
Inside structure design has anti-shock resistant & can lower pressure indicator shaking.
Diaphragm is filled with nitrogen (N299.99%) for better stabilization.
Attached 2~3 safety pointer (green, yelow, red) for better operation.

Diameter 2.5"
Pressure Range 5psi ∼ 700psi
0.35kg/cm2 ∼ 50kg/cm2  
Casing & Bezel PVDF
Connection 1/4PT、1/2PT mount OR other panel mount
Fluid Usage pure water, chemical fluid, gaseous body
Diaphragm PVDF
Capsule TEFLON
Accuracy +/- 1.0% F.S.D
Temperature Range -10℃ to +160℃(TEFLON)(PVDF)
Single-Side, Double-Side Gaseous Diaphragm Pressure Gauge