Hwa Chih Technology was founded in 1999. We are the expert at manufacturing various
presure gauges and thermometers.

We are located in Bade City, Taoyuan County 750 with 300 meters combine with factory
center, to provide the best service and quality to our customers.

Our chairman, Mr. Kao, established the company in 1999 and has set the role model with
best quality and image in the market.

The main concept of service, technology, quality and innovation of Hwa Chih drives the
company to a multi-national and worldwide views.

Hwa Chih Technology constantly creates and developed various products to fulfill in
industry needs.

The products of Double-side liquid filled presure gauge as well as Double-side stainless
liquid filled pressure gauge & Double-side diaphragm pressure gauge has won the world
patent. We insist in creating and for enhancing our customers so as to assist them in
facilitating the process in mechancial and engineering fields.